Events may start as early as 9:00am and last 12 hours including any setup or cleanup time. Events starting later must be finished by the following:

Fridays and Saturdays

– Event over by 10:00pm and takedown of decorations and/or
cleanup finished by 11:00pm.

Sundays and Monday thru Thursday

– Event over by 8:00pm and takedown of
decorations and/or cleanup finished by 9:00pm.


You are welcome to bring the caterer of your choice. There is no food preparation on site so all caterers must be self-contained.


Only beer, wine and champagne are allowed on the premises. A banquet permit is required ($10.00) and our licensed server must serve any and all alcohol.


You may bring a DJ or we can provide the use of our sound system.


An attendant will be provided to assist with parking, accept deliveries, setup and take down tables/chairs and assist vendors with our equipment. Attendant will also be available for any questions or issues that arise during event.


You need only take down your decorations and get any garbage in to the garbage cans which we provide. Nature’s Connection Place will do any remaining cleanup.


A certificate of Insurance (one-day event insurance) must be provided 90 days before your event. This can be purchased on line from “Wedsafe” or possibly a home owner’s insurance policy.


Pets are allowed on the premises by permission only. If you would like your pet at your wedding we are happy to discuss the options available.


If you are interested in games at your event we do have some available at your request for no charge.

We want your event to be as stress free as possible! We are here to answer any questions about your event. Contact us for more information.